I know you may think me contradictive for posting recipes when I clearly don't follow them. That's true, but I ADAPT them and change the quantities of ingredients to suit my need/taste/feeling. So please feel free to ADAPT the recipes I post... now run free and enjoy the blog.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The point of all this

Ok, so the point of this blog, like said above in the intro, is to: "discover, advise and converse...and maybe even whip up a dish or two" I
 will post pictures and recipes and ask for you advice in my troubles and krusades (yes I know it's actually crusades...) and in turn, you can discover new recipes, advise me and others with your helpful comments and converse with other visitors, followers and me about what you've seen, heard and done!
So, will you join me?


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