I know you may think me contradictive for posting recipes when I clearly don't follow them. That's true, but I ADAPT them and change the quantities of ingredients to suit my need/taste/feeling. So please feel free to ADAPT the recipes I post... now run free and enjoy the blog.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Hello and soft breads

Greetings! This is slightly awkward, I guess, since I have not updated this blog in a while. Ok, maybe a little more than a while. (Sorry) Hehe...anyways, in a baking mind, the season of summer= making bread.

And that's what I've been doing!
The searing summer heat has been a natural furnace for proving the dough.

And though some may feel that kneading is a tedious job, it's a wonderful feeling of punching down proved dough and moulding and shaping it into beautiful loaves, plaits and buns.

For the breads below, I followed the recipe which you can find here in Christine's blog of Asian and Western recipes.

This specific recipe uses 'tangzhong,' a flour paste that makes bread super super soft much like the buns one can purchase at Breadtop.

Today's batch turned out surprisingly well! (Very happy at the mo.) It was the softest bread I have ever made, but I'll try to improve it still (it was en peu dense.)

If/when I do, I promise to update le blog! :D